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      Rising Dove no longer sells prints directly. Instead, we are concentrating on selling digital images
      You may request that any image be sold through Zazzle or Fine Art America. Contact Customer Service. Enter the Order ID for each image. Tell us what product you want and what size. We'll get in touch once the design has been made public.
We may also be able to help you find a reliable framer near you.

The Character of the Shenandoah Valley
     Each title is linked to information about the image. Close each pop-up window as you finish reading it so the next one won't be hidden.
     My show is divided into four broad categories:
1."Farm and Garden" images 1 through 24 and 66
2."History and Culture" images 25 through 37
3."Wildlife" images 38 through 53
4."Landscapes" images 54 through 65, 67, and 68
     I have noted below which images were printed by me using my Epson Stylus Photo 2000P ink-jet printer with archival paper and light-resistant pigment inks. A few are traditional color photographs from film. I also note, with special thanks, the photographs Lois Ann Bumgarner of Digipixart printed. She paid close attention to my requests: "These photos are for a fine-art photography show. Another lab printed them too dull and grey. I need realistic skin tones-which you do so well-highlight detail, and snappy blacks." She even seemed to read my mind. They are printed on Kodak Royal paper, and should last well over 70 years with proper care. The rest were printed on archival paper by either Zazzle.com or Fine Art America. I turned to outsiders for my printing needs because I've had a series of woes with my color printers, and I couldn't resolve those problems in time to print my show.
Farm and Garden


Order ID: FandG3_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20140419_CopyrightKilmer_3289


Order ID: 20140419_CopyrightKilmer_3265


Order ID: 20140419_CopyrightKilmer_3207


Order ID: 20140420_CopyrightKilmer_0052


Order ID: FandG1_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20090418_CopyrightKilmer_2835


Order ID: 20131029_CopyrightKilmer_0248


Order ID: 20140420_CopyrightKilmer_0051


Order ID: 20120426_copyrightKilmer_0028


Order ID: FandG4_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20131029_CopyrightKilmer_0241


Order ID: 20131029_CopyrightKilmer_0113


Order ID: 20120422_copyrightKilmer_2311


Order ID: 2824.grass.is.greener (20030421)


Order ID: 20090421_copyrightKilmer_2984


Order ID: 20110424_copyrightKilmer_0668


Order ID: 20100418_copyrightKilmer_0864


Order ID: 20110423_copyrightKilmer_0384


Order ID: 20000501_CopyrightKilmer_011_26A


Order ID: 20030705_CopyrightKilmer_3389


Order ID: Petting.a.Chick1


Order ID: 20080419_CopyrightKilmer_2705


Order ID: 20090424_copyrightKilmer_0171


Order ID: 20110428_copyrightKilmer_0525


Order ID: 20111008_copyrightkilmer_0019


Order ID: 20110423_copyrightKilmer_0452


Order ID: 20131029_CopyrightKilmer_0123


Order ID: 20090424_copyrightKilmer_3199


Order ID: 20110424_copyrightKilmer_0569


Order ID: 20100418_copyrightKilmer_0896
21.   Evening Feeding

Order ID: 20020430 film; order by title


Order ID: 20110426_copyrightKilmer_1294


Order ID: 20130425_CopyrightKilmer_1245


Order ID: 20110425_copyrightKilmer_0826
History and Culture


Order ID: HandC1_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20080424_CopyrightKilmer_2801


Order ID: HandC5_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20100423_copyrightKilmer_0182
27b)   Bottle-Feeding A Lamb,
The Frontier Culture Museum #1


Order ID: 20070424_CopyrightKilmer_1605Crop


Order ID: 20100423_copyrightKilmer_0223


Order ID: 20070424_CopyrightKilmer_1566


Order ID: 20100423_copyrightKilmer_0264
Medium: Archival Giclée Pigment Photograph


Order ID: 20140428_CopyrightKilmer_0013


Order ID: HandC6


Order ID: 20030704_CopyrightKilmer_3339


Order ID: 20020511_CopyrightKilmer_0031


Order ID: 20090424_CopyrightKilmer_0092


Order ID: 20030704_CopyrightKilmer_3333


Order ID: HandC4_copyrightKilmer
30a)   Victor/Edison


Order ID: 20090421_CopyrightKilmer_2910
30b)   Stringed Instrument


Order ID: 20090421_copyrightKilmer_2917
30c)   Antique Bottles


Order ID: 20090421_CopyrightKilmer_2918
30d)   Crazy Quilt, Earth Tones


Order ID: 20000400A_CopyrightKilmer_035_3


Order ID: HandC2_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20100807_CopyrightKilmer_7217


Order ID: 20111008_copyrightkilmer_0076.png


Order ID: 20100807_CopyrightKilmer_7191


Order ID: 20111008_copyrightkilmer_0060reverse


Order ID: 20100807_copyrightKilmer_7084


Order ID: 20120424_copyrightKilmer_0077


Order ID: HandC3a_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20080424_CopyrightKilmer_2780




Order ID: 20130422_CopyrightKilmer_0241


Order ID: 20100423_copyrightKilmer_0285Crop2


Order ID: 20140707_CopyrightKilmer_2014
39.   Jeweled River

Order ID: film: order by title


Order ID: 20140419_CopyrightKilmer_3070crop


Order ID: 20130425_CopyrightKilmer_0370crop


Order ID: 20130425_CopyrightKilmer_1602crop


Order ID: 20140706_CopyrightKilmer_0028


Order ID: 20130426_CopyrightKilmer_1173


Order ID: 20070424_CopyrightKilmer_1583


Order ID: Wildlife3_CopyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20130420_CopyrightKilmer_0088Sharp


Order ID: 20140423_CopyrightKilmer_3104


Order ID: 20080422_CopyrightKilmer_2719


Order ID: 20070423_CopyrightKilmer_1530


Order ID: 20110425_copyrightKilmer_0951sharpCrop


Order ID: 20140706_CopyrightKilmer_0015


Order ID: 20130422_CopyrightKilmer_084crop


Order ID: Wildlife1_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20131029_CopyrightKilmer_0251crop


Order ID: 20130425_CopyrightKilmer_1148crop


Order ID: 20140419_CopyrightKilmer_3047crop


Order ID: 20130422_CopyrightKilmer_0015crop


Order ID: 20110426_copyrightKilmer_1171Crop


Order ID: Wildlife7_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20140419_CopyrightKilmer_3340


Order ID: 20140423_CopyrightKilmer_3123


Order ID: 20140420_CopyrightKilmer_0092


Order ID: Wildlife2_copyrightKilmer


Order ID: 20130425_CopyrightKilmer_1360crop


Order ID: 20130425_CopyrightKilmer_1090crop


Order ID: 20140424_CopyrightKilmer_0057crop


Order ID: 20130425_CopyrightKilmer_0036crop


Order ID: 20130423_CopyrightKilmer_0054


Order ID: 20130216_CopyrightKilmer_0081


Order ID: 20090606_copyrightKilmer_0730contrast


Order ID: 20090424_copyrightKilmer_3279


Order ID: Landscapes1


Order ID: 20130910_CopyrightKilmer_0244


Order ID: 20081120_CopyrightKilmer_0158


Order ID: 20130316_CopyrightKilmer_0050


Order ID: redbuds&dogwoods
59.   Bare Tree At Sunrise
(accidently mislabeled "Sunset")


Order ID: 20140427_CopyrightKilmer_0048


Order ID: Landscapes3


Order ID: 20140427_CopyrightKilmer_4010merged


Order ID: 20030420_copyrightKilmer_Mill.Creek.MT.Jackson.Fishing.1_2768


Order ID: Landscapes2


Order ID: 20061025_CopyrightKilmer_0930


Order ID: 20100426_CopyrightKilmer_1753CropSharp


Order ID: 20061025_CopyrightKilmer_0925sharper


Order ID: 20060427_CopyrightKilmer_3.10353


Order ID: Seven.Bends5.4564
(accidentally mislabeled "Sunrise;"
also called
"Skyline Winter Vista #1")

Order ID: 20081120_CopyrightKilmer_0130Vivid


Order ID: 20140427_CopyrightKilmer_0023Vivid


Order ID: Longhorn1.31594


Order ID: Seven.Bends4


Order ID: Seven.Bends5

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