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"Heart of Jesus"
© 1982 Miriam A. Kilmer

"Blessed the Fruit"
© 1982 Miriam A. Kilmer

"Heart of Mercy"
© 1984 Miriam A. Kilmer

© 1984 Miriam A. Kilmer

"Jesus In Your Mirror"
© 1979 Miriam A. Kilmer

© 1986 Miriam A. Kilmer
"Heart of Jesus" and "Heart of Mercy" original pastel paintings by Miriam A. Kilmer are available for sale at Foxhall Gallery. Please contact Jerry Eisely by phone (202-966-7144), fax (202-363-2345), or email foxhallgallery@foxhallgallery.com.
For additional information, contact Miriam at miriam@risingdove.com
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For additional information, contact Miriam at customerservice at risingdove dot com
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