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Memories of My Father, Joyce Kilmer by Kenton Kilmer
Photo by Miriam Kilmer

Kilmer Family Bookshelf

Joyce Kilmer Books

Joyce Kilmer's Relatives Go Out on a Limb-erik: Wry 'em and Writhe 'em; Miriam A. Kilmer, Editor, Anne Kilmer, Noelie Kilmer Angevine, Martin Kilmer, Matthew Kilmer, Deborah Kilmer, Patrick Hunter-Kilmer, et alia. Rising Dove Fine Arts and Services, 2006; Spiral binding. The first edition was limited to fifteen numbered copies on recycled paper (sold out). Rutgers University and Georgetown Univisity Librairies have copies in their special collections.
        Email correspondence between descendents of Joyce Kilmer, including limericks and other light verse, spoofs of Joyce Kilmer's "Trees," and an invitation to submit entries for the next edition. $12.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. The second edition, which contains additional material, is "print on demand." Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper. $22.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Contact customer service.

Aline Murray Kilmer

Trees and Other Poems & Candles That Burn; Aline Kilmer, Joyce Kilmer   Paperback  
        Two volumes of poetry in one binding: Joyce Kilmer's
Trees and Other Poems and Aline Kilmer's Candles That Burn.
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The Poor King's Daughter, and Other Poems
Selected Poems
Hunting A Hair Shirt and Other Spiritual Adventures; Aline Murray Kilmer.   Ayer Co Publishers, Inc., June 1976.   Hardcover
        Essays - spiritual, with a twist of satiric humor.

Emmy, Nicky and Greg; Aline Murray Kilmer, Illustrated by Ethel C. Taylor.   NY: George H. Doran, 1927   Hardcover   *OP
        In a fictionalized account intended for children, Aline Kilmer recounts stories from her life with her own children after the death of Joyce Kilmer. The names have been changed, and some characters combined. (Kenton Kilmer is "Tony.")
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A Buttonwood Summer; Aline Murray Kilmer, Illustrated by Vera Clere.  Hardcover   *OP   Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran & Company, 1929  
Sequel to
Emmy, Nicky and Greg
More Kenton Kilmer: Poet, Translator, Editor

A Man in Three Worlds; ;André N. Chouraqui, Kenton Kilmer (Translator)   University Press of America, 1984   Library Binding
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The Congressional Anthology - Poems Selected by Senators and Representatives; Ernest S. Griffith and Kenton Kilmer, editors.   University Press of Washington D.C, 1955.   Hardcover   OP*

This Is My America: Poems from the Washington Post; Kenton Kilmer, editor.   The Washington Post, Washington, DC, 1946   *OP

F. C. Frieseke

Frieseke's "Woman with a Parasol"
American Impressionists 2000 Engagement Calendar; detail.
A Place in Normandy; Nicholas Kilmer   Hardcover
        This book by Miriam's brother Nick describes the home in Normandy where F. C. Frieseke raised our mother; it includes many photographs of the Frieseke family. Descriptive information and reviews are available at both Amazon.com and Borders.com.
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A Place in Normandy; read by John McDonough (1998)   Audio Cassette
F. C. Frieseke Books and Products
More by Nicholas Kilmer
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Nick is an excellent translator of poetry.

The Inferno (Dante's Comedy, Vol 1); Dante Alighieri, Nicholas Kilmer (trans.), Benjamin Martinez (illus.)   Hardcover

The Inferno   Paperback
Nick also writes the Fred Taylor Mysteries:
With Dirty Linen, Nicholas Kilmer has produced his best "Fred Taylor" mystery to date.
Review by Tim Slattery
        The action begins with an auction of the belongings of a recently deceased British lord, who lived in a tony section of Massachusetts and had a large collection of art. One apparently worthless item bought surreptitiously by Fred for his wealthy employer Clayton Reed turns out to be a trove of erotic J.M.W. Turner watercolors. The scramble for these by Taylor, others who want them, and others who have schemed to have them, provides the action in the novel. It's spiced by interesting side characters, including the young woman hired by Clay through Fred to do research, and the Royalty-chasing mother of Fred's lady-friend.
        Kilmer's choice of the Turners serves to illustrate a little-known side of the man. He did indeed spend a large amount of time in the less savory parts of London and did many watercolors of an erotic nature there. When he died, he left hundreds of these to the British Museum. The trustees in that Victorian age decided that these pictures were unfit to be seen by anybody - and burned them all.
        Kilmer's plot turns on the supposition that one of the trustees conspired to make it look as if the works had been destroyed, while in fact stashing them away for his own enjoyment. The researcher in the novel quotes extensively from actual sources. Kilmer puts the historical quotes in italics, so you can tell what is historical record from what is Kilmer's own invention. The result is both entertaining and educational.

Martin F. Kilmer

Books by Miriam's brother Martin F. Kilmer, the Archaeologist.
Greek Erotica; Martin Kilmer   Hardcover.
        Martin's mother kept this one on a very high shelf, so that visiting children would not peruse it. It is both scholarly and beautiful.
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The Shoulder Bust in Sicily and South and Central Italy: a Catalogue and Materials for Dating; Martin F. Kilmer.   OP*
        This one, his mother kept on the coffee table.

Feeding the Vikings; Martin F. Kilmer and Peter J. Scott,
with original photography by Martin F. Kilmer
        A field guide to the edible plants of Northern Newfoundland and the near Labrador coast.
Note that Amazon has the wrong information for authors.


Constance C. Greene
        Constance C. Greene was the daughter-in-law of Constance Murray Greene, who was the sister of Miriam's grandmother Aline Murray Kilmer.
Shep Greene
        Shep Greene is her son, Miriam's second cousin.
Henry Mills Alden
        Henry Mills Alden was the beloved step-father of Miriam's grandmother, Aline Kilmer. He was an editor of Harper's Magazine.
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