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Present Joys, Blessings Past

The 1998 Potomac River Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Two boxes of CD sets have been discovered. Please order soon, as supplies are limited.
Two-CD Set Field Recording: Singing from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition, The B. F. White Sacred Harp, 1992 Cooper Edition, and "New Traditions" (songs recently composed in the Sacred Harp Tradition).

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Costs were underwritten by the Folklore Society of Greater Washington through the Susan Wantland Memorial Fund for Shape-Note Singing. This recording is dedicated to her memory.

Present Joys
Band Song Title Leader
1 Present Joys L.M. (SH 318) Henry Schuman (Ann Arbor MI)
Pauline Childers (Aubrun Hills, MI)
Gillie Campbell (Arlington, VA)
2 Clamanda L.M.D. (SH 42)Steven Sabol (Bethesda, MD)
3 Portland L.M. (SH 556)Judy Mincey (Calhoun, GA)
4 Federal Street L.M. (SH 515b)Anita Landess (Boulder, CO)
5 The Better Land P.M. (SH 454)Ginnie Ely (North Redding, MA)
6 Passing Away C.M. (SH 445)Allan Fannin (Westdale, NY)
7 A Thankful Heart C.M. (SH 475)Barbara Swetman (Clinton, NY)
8 Peace and Joy 8s & 7s. (SH 532)Don Polaski (Richmond, VA)
9 Bound for Canaan 7s & 6s. (SH 82t)David Lee (Hoboken, GA)
10 Calvary C.M. (SH 300)Beth Hoffman Reed (Alexandria, VA)
11 New Topia C.M.D. (SH 215)Bob Parr (Arlington, MA)
12 Return Again 8s & 7s. (SH 335)Elizabeth Todd (Lakewood, OH)
13 I'll Seek His Blessings S.M. (SH 542)Paul Gauthier (Westford, MA)
14 Kelley C.M.D. (SH 426t)Clarke Lee (Hoboken, GA)
15 The Great Day P.M. (SH 567)Sharon Kellam (Boone NC)
16 Greenwich L.M. (SH 183)Kyle Greenlee (East Middlebury VT)
17 Gospel Trumpet L.M. (SH 99)Laura Densmore (Getzville NY)
18 St. Thomas S.M. (SH 34b)Cathy Tucker (Kingstowne VA)
19 Norwich C.M. (SH 362)Karen Snowberg (Pleasantville NY)
20 Bear Creek L.M. (SH 269)Bill Holt (Watertown, MA)
21 Claremont 7s & 8s. (SH 245)Doron Henkin (Radnor, PA)
22 Consolation C.M.D. (SH 367)Cath Oss (North Hampton, MA)
23 Confidence L.M.D. (SH 270)Lee Rogers (Danielsville, GA)
24 Corinth L.M. (SH 32t)Kelly Macklin (Boyce, VA)
25 Soar Away P.M. (SH 455)Joe Todd (Lakewood, OH)
26 Novakoski S.M. (SH 481)Jason Law (Charleston, WV)
27 Pleyel's Hymn (First) C.M. (SH 143)Ester Huckaby (Fort Worth, TX)
28 Ballstown L.M. (SH 217)Sandra Hack Polaski (Richmond, VA)
29 Exhortation (First) C.M. (SH 171)Max Berueffy (Portland, ME)
 total time -- 70:40  
Blessings Past
Band Song Title Leader
1 Cleansing Fountain. (CSH 505) David and Clarke Lee (Hoboken, GA)
2 "What Counts." David Lee (Hoboken, GA)
3 Hester C.M. (CSH 336) David and Clarke Lee (Hoboken, GA)
4 March On (CSH 478) David and Clarke Lee (Hoboken, GA)
5 "Born with a Void." Clarke Lee (Hoboken, GA)
6 Brown C.M. (CSH 511) David and Clarke Lee (Hoboken, GA)
7 "Came on faith." David Lee (Hoboken, GA)
8 Will God Forever Cast Us Off? (CSH 49b) David and Clarke Lee (Hoboken, GA)
9 Lenox P.M. (SH 40) Cathy Tucker (Kingstowne, VA)
10 Villulia 8, 7. (SH 56b) Gina Balestracci (Montclair, NJ)
11 Montgomery C.M. (SH 189) Bradford West (New York, NY)
12 Africa C.M. (SH 178) Craig Baughan (Richmond, VA)
13 Ecstasy 7s & 6s. (SH 106) Jean Seiler (Stillwater, NY)
Gillie Campbell (Arlington, VA)
14 Antioch L.M. (SH 277) Elizabeth Cusick (Baltimore, MD)
15 Saint's Delight C.M. (SH 114) Charles Butler III (Beltsville, MD)
16 The Child of Grace C.M.D. (SH 77t) Anna and Kelsey Taylor (Arlington, VA)
17 Hallelujah New C.M. (NT)
by Roland Hutchinson
Gina Balestracci (Montclair, NJ)
18 Ten Thousand Charms. 8s, 7s. (NT)
by Hal Kunkel
Hal Kunkel (State College, PA)
19 Cowper L.M. (SH 168) Tim Slattery (Alexandria, VA)
20 Cambridge C.M. (SH 287) Guy Bankes (Levittown, PA)
21 Rose of Sharon (SH 254) Richard Schmeidler (Brooklyn, NY)
22 Jefferson 8s, 7s. (SH 148) Kathy Lee (Hoboken, GA)
23 "Memorial Lesson" (excerpt) Kathy Manning (Arlington, VA)
24 Ragan L.M. (SH 176t) Kathy Manning (Arlington, VA)
25 Edom C.M. (SH 200) Jim Wantland (Silver Spring, MD)
26 New Jerusalem C.M. (SH 299) Walter S. Hartley (Fredonia, NY)
27 Windgate P.M. (NT)
by Tom Tucker
Cathy Tucker (Kingstowne, VA)
  total time -- 68:21  
Eratum: On the liner notes for the first CD there is an error in the list of songs; Claremont is listed before Bear Creek; on the disc itself, Bear Creek is band 20, Claremont is 21.
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