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Shape Note Recordings Index (Revised March, 2001) Compiled by Berkley L. Moore
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  •       An asterisk (*) by a tune name denotes that the indexed tune is not the same tune as that bearing the same name in either The Sacred Harp (1991) or The B.F. White Sacred Harp: Revised Cooper Edition, 1992.
  •       In cases where the same tune appears under one name in The Sacred Harp (1991) and a different name in the "Cooper book," the name used by The Sacred Harp (1991) is indexed as the primary name, with the "Cooper book" tune name listed as an alternate name. "TEXT" links refer to the text in The Sacred Harp (1991). The same tune in the "Cooper book" may have different verses or even an entirely different text. We hope to add more "Cooper book" information in the future.
  •       OP* indicates that a recording is out of print, according to our latest information. You may still be able to find such a recording by chance, or by searching for it on line. You will find help for your search at Rising Dove Bookstore.
  •       Composers of Tunes from The Sacred Harp (1991) have not yet been added to this database. However, you can find them at Chris Thorman's site by following the "TEXT" link. Midi files for some of the tunes are available at Michael Moore's Isaac Watts Fan Club.

    The old version of this Shape Note Index will be available until bugs are worked out of the new site, but it will not be updated. The old version of the album list has been moved to: .

    You may now also view the database as a tab-delimited text file. Please feel free to download it and work with it as you wish with your own software, for your personal use.


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