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       The Shapenote Event pages formerly hosted here have moved to a new site; the domain name is still
       Other shapenote information such as flyers, memorial pages, historical photography, and notes on the various systems, have moved to
       Resources for shapenote books and recordings will remain at for the foreseable future.

The Potomac River Sacred Harp Singers
Chesapeake Bay Watershed Area Shape-Note Events
(The Potomac River Sacred Harp Singers, The James River Sacred Harp Singers, Northern Shenandoah, Baltimore, Rivanna River, etc.)

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Berkley Moore has an updated list (January 2009) with many more recordings at Recordings Index.
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Present Joys/Blessings Past
Two-CD Set Recording of the Ninth Annual Potomac River Convention, 1998.
Shapenote information such as memorial pages, flyers and photography from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed area, and notes on the various shapenote systems, have moved to
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